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Interview in the program

"In depth" from VOTV!

"The  @nconangla  he inherited his passion for music from his maternal grandfather with whom he learned to play the cello in the summers. In the # hangar09  of  @VOrientalTv  we know the trajectory and projects of a very versatile musician. "

This is a small excerpt from the interview I did yesterday for Vallès Oriental TV within the Hangar 09 program in the " In depth " section. An interview done by Gemma Permanyer where we delved into my life, my music career and some of the projects I am currently working on.

If you want to get to know me a little more “in depth”, I recommend you take a look at it, maybe you didn’t know everything about me or something surprises you!

Soundtrack for the spot

FINA FILMS "De tu a tu"

Here is the  news published yesterday in the digital newspaper La Garriga Digital about the soundtrack I composed for the commercial "De tu a tu" by the Catalan producer "Fina Films".

La Garriga is a town full of artists. Living here for me is a privilege and being part of this collective, even more so! I hope you enjoy the spot!

LGD Fina Films 1 Nuria Conangla.jpeg
LGD Fina Films 2 Nuria Conangla.jpeg

Interview in LaRella magazine

Bach Suites Concert in Olost

21:04:08 - LaRella Suites Bach Olost ima

Interview on the blog "En escena" by Lorena Serra

Nuria Conangla.png

You don’t know how excited I am to share with you this interview that Lorena gave me! An excellent publicist who lives in La Garriga and whom I admire a lot for her talent, good vibes and energy. In his blog " En escena ", he is interviewing artists and talking about his life and I have had the pleasure of participating!

Interview on the web "Community 18" with Núria Conangla

A piece of news that leaves me speechless. Many thanks to Fernando Pérez for this magnificent press release and for the photographs published on the Comunidad18 website.

In the link you can find information about my life in the field of music, from performers of different instruments and styles, to the composer Núria.


I always try to do everything with the utmost joy, motivation and connection with the audience - making music makes me happy!

Nuria Conangla - Comunidad 18.png

Interview in the newspaper 9nou

At the end of this July 2020 , from Diari 9nou , I was interviewed with a series of personality questions .

If you read it you may discover some trait of my character that you did not know, some curiosity or something surprising.

The truth is that I was very excited to be able to participate in this series of tests that are done on a weekly basis by prominent people in the region or who have done something relevant.

BRUNA the musical

A success at the Teatre Romea in Barcelona!

Here you can read some news about the musical in which I participate as a cellist :

  • News from " El Periódico "

  • News in " TimeOut "

Concert a duo Violí & Cello a l'Església de St. Vicenç de Planoles

Concert amb el Duet Violet (Joan Mestre al violí i Núria Conangla al violoncel) a Planoles dins el Cicle Romànic en Viu.


Vam interpretar un repertori variat, passant per la Música Aquàtica de Händel, peces de Bach, fins a músiques de pel·lícules, The Beatles i Queen.


Una església preciosa i plena de gent que ens va acollir d'allò més bé!

Cartell_Planoles Nuria Conangla Planoles concert.jpeg
Música en viu PLANOLES Nuria Conangla cello violoncel.png

Diamond Rain, new single by Jordi Martínez

New collaboration as cellist in the subject "Diamond Rain"

nuria conangla diamond rain.png
Jordi Martinez Nuria Conangla.jpeg

GAME OF LOOPS  at the Fira Mediterrània de Manresa 2019

Summary of our performance!

Captura de Pantalla 2020-05-17 a les 10.
00:00 / 09:14
Captura de Pantalla 2020-05-17 a les 16.
Captura de Pantalla 2020-05-17 a les 16.
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