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Núria Conangla -  Solo project

In the field of versions , it also moves a lot in the sector of covers with electric cello  or acoustic , using musical bases, loops ... and being able to make a great variety of styles such as modern music , classical, chill-out , film, disco ...

A perfectly adaptable repertoire for every occasion!

Duo Pere Nolasc & Núria Conangla

Núria Conangla - Pere Nolasc violi cello duo.jpg
Núria Conangla i Pere Nolasc 1.jpg
Núria Conangla i Pere Nolasc 2.jpg
Núria Conangla i Pere Nolasc 3.jpg

String Quintet

Barcelona Rock Strings.JPG

Violins:  Pere Nolasc and Mireia Puigmal

Violet:  Aurora Matías

Cell:  Núria Conangla

Double bass:  Camil Piqué

Repairs:  Jordi Font

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